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Three Conventions Partnership

Training workshop for the Three Conventions Partnership

Carbon, Biodiversity and Rural Livelihoods: Putting theory into Practice, Monday 4th to Friday 8th October, 2004.

A unique opportunity to share the experiences of a carbon project with 7 years of environmental service provision. Project managers from IUCN and The Nature Conservancy will meet for a Plan Vivo training workshop in the Scolel Te Project, Mexico. The purpose of the training is to build capacity in the implementation of projects that deliver the objectives of the Three Rio Conventions on Biodiversity, Desertification and Climate Change. This workshop is now fully subscribed.

For more information contact: info@eccm.uk.com.

The Three Conventions Partnership was convened by UNEP, ECCM and IUCN (the World Conservation Union), with an inaugural meeting in Milan on 1 and 2 December 2003. Its objective is to encourage projects that produce combined benefits across the Rio Conventions by providing an "enabling framework", to include the following elements:

  • Good practice guidelines for investors in carbon offset and other environmental services.
  • Good practice guidelines and standards for projects providing "3C benefits".
  • Standard certificates of measurable benefit.
  • Structured approaches to documenting and sharing technical information.
  • Actions to promote the use of environmental services as part of good corporate and public governance.

The Partnership will seek to build upon existing initiatives and processes that have already made progress in these areas. Bioclimate Research and Development (BR&D), a not-for-profit company, will act as the Secretariat of the Partnership with technical support supplied by ECCM. For more information on the Three Conventions Partnership and the latest progress please visit the BR&D website.