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Developing Projects

Our core project development expertise is in the land-use, forestry and rural energy sectors. ECCM's innovative Plan Vivo projects are frequently cited as best international practice for combining rural livelihoods, sustainable energy, biodiversity and soil conservation. We have a deserved reputation for making projects succeed.

Our expertise includes:

  • Detailed understanding of the scientific and technological basis of carbon uptake, storage and recycling within terrestrial ecosystems and forests;
  • Wide experience of integrating commercial, social, biodiversity and hydrological considerations into the design of carbon management schemes;
  • Unique expertise in the design of data collection and processing systems appropriate for projects in the land use sector, that often involve a range of stakeholders with different technical and management capabilities;
  • Understanding of the legal, regulatory and tax requirements of projects in the forestry and agricultural sectors;
  • Ability to distil and communicate the essential commercial and policy relevance of technological and scientific advances in this field.

Our comprehensive range of services include:

  • Planning, development and support of forestry and land-use carbon sequestration projects.
  • Designing systems that are compatible with Kyoto Mechanisms (CDM and JI).
  • Working with local communities to alleviate poverty and deliver sustainable rural livelihoods.
  • Setting regional baselines and developing technical specification for forestry and land use activities.
  • Assessing the carbon sequestration potential of projects and sites.
  • Monitoring carbon uptake and storage.
  • Carbon accounting of forestry and land-use practices.
  • Assessing social and ecological impacts of projects.
  • Designing project mechanisms and structures to facilitate carbon and rural development.
  • Training and Capacity Building Major Initiatives:


Community meeting
in Karnataka, India

Plan Vivo   Three Conventions Partnership   Low Carbon Projects

Plan Vivo is a system for promoting sustainable livelihoods in rural communities, through the creation of verifiable carbon assets.



We are working with UNEP and the IUCN to develop a portfolio of projects that generate combined benefits across the Rio Conventions on Biodiversity Climate Change and Desertification.



We have practical experience of development, implementation and monitoring of low carbon projects. For example, Project Catapult developing carbon asset tools for the eastern European rural sector.