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Carbon Offset: Plan Vivo System

Plan Vivo is a participatory planning and project monitoring system created by ECCM in 1996 for promoting sustainable livelihoods in rural communities through the creation of verifiable carbon credits.

The Plan Vivo System is being applied in Mexico, Mozambique, Uganda and India to generate verifiable carbon credits for sale on the voluntary market and, potentially, for eligibility under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM within the Kyoto Protocol).

All these projects have carbon credits available for purchase. Through the Plan Vivo System, organisations, companies and individuals can not only help mitigate climate change by offsetting their GHG emissions but also can help communities in developing countries invest in their own future, while protecting biodiversity, soil and water quality.

To find out more, visit the Plan Vivo website at www.planvivo.org or download our information sheet here - pdf (2mb).

If you would like to purchase certified Plan Vivo carbon credits or use the Plan Vivo system to develop a carbon management project, please email info@eccm.uk.com.

Latest carbon offset purchases:

The Worldbank IBRD offsetting their GHG emissions for the second year running.

The UK Government DFID Forest Research Program offsetting their GHG emisisons for 2003. NR International Ltd., managers of 5 of DFID's renewable natural resources research programmes, offsetting their GHG emisisons for 2004.