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Climate Change is not only the greatest environmental threat of the 21st century; it is also one of the greatest challenges for business. Policies designed to limit greenhouse gas emissions and demands from investors and customers for tangible evidence of environmental responsibility require managed responses.

Carbon Management Self-Assessment

ECCM have developed a tool to help your business assess the quality of your systems for Carbon Management; that is, your ability to respond effectively and efficiently to the risks and opportunities that climate change presents.

Download this simple tool free of charge from this website:- Click here for the CAMSAT Download.

We can help your company develop a practical and cost-effective carbon management strategy through the following steps:

  • Initial quantification of emissions relating to the business.

  • Assessment of the opportunities and threats in the carbon economy.

  • Review of potential carbon management options as detailed below:

    • Housekeeping
      Reducing waste and better use of existing technology.

    • Energy Supply
      Use of renewable or low carbon intensity fuels.

    • Re-engineering and design
      New products, processes and ways of working.

    • Mitigation
      Offsetting emissions by forestry or other projects.

  • Establishment of monitoring systems with appropriate targets.

  • Communication of initiatives to regulators, shareholders, customers and suppliers.