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Emissions Assessments

Every organisation that uses energy, transports goods and people or makes products is responsible for some greenhouse gas emissions.

The sources of these emissions include:

  • Energy for buildings and manufacturing.
  • Manufacturing processes, refrigeration and chemical reactions.
  • Transportation.
  • Incineration and decomposition of waste.

We help organisations to install and run the systems they need to understand and control their greenhouse gas emissions. A greenhouse gas emissions assessment is the first step in the carbon management process, giving a company or organisation an estimate of the size and breakdown of its 'carbon footprint'. An emissions assessment provides the basis for further initiatives such as public reporting, target setting and implementation of mitigation activities, which can include forestry offset schemes or investment in energy substitution projects. All of our emissions assessments are consistent with current best practice in greenhouse gas emissions reporting.

To date we have conducted emissions assessments for over a hundred companies and organizations, with recent examples including DHL, TetraPak UK, British American Tobacco, National Express Group, Taylor Architects and the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors.

Bespoke emissions assessments of products

Greenhouse gas emissions are not only associated with companies and organisations but also with the production and distribution of products. We have the expertise to assess the emissions associated with a whole range of products from cars and fuels to paints, badges, t-shirts, wood products and building materials. We have used our expertise to quantify the emissions associated with the production and distribution of a number of products including the Sadolin Wood Care range, the Tea Tree Oil range of Jean Paul Mitchel Systems shampoos and the new Tree Tubes from The CarbonNeutral Company.

If you would like more information about our company or product emissions assessments please get in touch with Gary Davis on 0131 666 5070 or request more information from info@eccm.uk.com.

Emissions included within the assessment

The scope of the CO2/greenhouse gas assessment is determined by the objectives of the organisation or individual concerned. The assessment may cover an individual event, such as a conference, or a range of products and activities.