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Managing Carbon

The intergovernmental agreement signed in Kyoto in 1997, which sets legally binding limits on the emissions of greenhouse gases from industrial countries, may be seen as the dawn of a new carbon economy that is likely to influence technological development in all sectors of the economy for the next 50 years.

Since over 80% of energy used by industry is derived from the combustion of fossil fuels, the stabilisation of atmospheric CO2 concentrations represents a major technological and economic challenge. While the attention of governments has largely focused on energy intensive industries, such as power generators, oil companies and cement manufacturers, innovation will be required throughout the economy since it is other businesses and individuals that use these fuels and materials.

Government policies, corporate initiatives and consumer awareness will mean that companies will either be winners or losers in the carbon economy.

Responsible companies are putting in place carbon management plans to help them control and manage their emissions.

Your carbon management system could involve some or all of these responses:

Gubbi plant, Biomass Gasifier, India. © ECCM

Emissions Assessment   Systems, Tools and Labelling   Offsetting Emissions

Carrying out an emissions assessment to give your organisation an estimate of the size and breakdown of its 'carbon footprint'.



Putting in place the systems and tools to help manage your carbon assets and risks. Your carbon management plan will include a forward-looking strategy to address the challenges of climate change.



Developing a portfolio of activities to manage your emissions including offsetting emissions through investment in sustainable projects.


Corporate Advice   Client Case Studies    

Our expertise has helped inform the development of standards and understanding of carbon accounting by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, the OECD, UK Government, the UK Water Industry, energy and other business sectors.



ECCM has a track record of successfully delivering work to a wide range of clients in both private and public sectors.