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Systems, Tools and Labelling

Carbon certified products
We are working on associated carbon labelling and systems for calculation of whole-of-life emissions with the Nordic Timber Council and the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED). We have investigated the potential for carbon intensity labelling of products such as timber based construction and packaging materials, in order to provide tangible information on their actual climate change impact. "Using wood products to mitigate climate change: a review of evidence and key issues for sustainable development" You can download the whole report here (pdf file 696kb).

Systems and tools for responding to climate change
We have extensive know-how in the development of systems and tools to assist clients in understanding, monitoring and managing their climate change impact and in demonstrating the low carbon credentials of their products. We have expertise in the development of robust inventories that provide management with the information required to respond to climate change policies and market opportunities. We have worked in the utilities, energy, manufacturing and retail sectors and our experience includes:

  • The development of new protocols for assessing emissions and for project based carbon accounting;
  • The development of carbon management plans and systems for their implementation;
  • Whole-of-Life emissions accounting for product carbon intensity;
  • The development of online accounting system for tracking the registration and sale of carbon offsets from individual projects;
  • The development of system for aggregating carbon assets from land use and energy sector projects in a cost effective and verifiable way.

We also develop systems and tools in the Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry sector. For example, we are currently developing a carbon management and carbon accounting systems for forestry in Europe under the EU-funded CATapult Project (www.catapultproject.org).