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Policy and Research

One of ECCM's key strengths is its ability to produce cost-effective, policy relevant research, which we have done for governments, development organisations and industry groups. Our main areas of policy related research is currently the relationship between rural livelihoods in developing countries and carbon management in forestry.

Previous work includes UK DFID funded research into quantifying carbon dioxide emissions
from land-use change in Mexico; EU funded research to identify and promote the potential synergies between the processes of carbon verification and forest certification.

We assist our clients with:

  • Interpretation of scientific and technology developments;
  • Assessment of impacts of climate change policies on industry sectors in terms of
    cost, competition and employment; and
  • Strategic initiatives to combine sustainable development goals.

ECCM works closely with the University of Edinburgh and other research organisations around the world. We combine research with a detailed understanding of the latest developments in national and international policy to provide our clients with in-depth analysis and guidance.


Forest Restoration
Research, Bhutan

National and International Policy Experience

We have made a significant contribution to national and international policy developments, particularly on land use and forestry issues.