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National and International Policy

ECCM has advised a number of governments and international institutions on the development of climate change policies in the forestry and land use sector. In recognition of our expertise in climate change and carbon management, we have been invited to contribute to a number of influential reports for policy makers including:

  • IPCC Special Report on 'Land Use and Forestry' and good practice and monitoring of forestry projects within the CDM and JI frameworks;
  • 'Climate Change and Forests' Section of the FAO state of the Worlds Forests 2001 Report (Author);
  • OECD report on baseline methodologies for the forest sector (lead author);
  • The Royal Society report on the Role of Carbon Sinks in Mitigating Global Climate Change 2001 (Lead Authors)
  • Dissemination of policy implications of EU funded research on the future of the Amazon Carbon Cycle- LBA Carbosink.

We have also developed Rules and Guidance for Defra (UK Government) on Baseline Methodologies and Crediting Periods for Land Use and Land Use Change and Forestry Projects in the Clean Development Mechanism (Defra, 2002).